Project Experience.

This page features a description of our recent project work, ranging from wellbore stability assessment and monitoring in the foothills of the Andes, pore pressure interpretation offshore Falkland Islands, to real-time pore pressure and wellbore stability monitoring offshore West Africa and geomechanical modelling to support field development in Kurdistan.

Complex geomechanical conditions, PPFG & WBS with monitoring during drilling

WBS assessment and monitoring during drilling

WBS assessment for foothills drilling

Complex geomechanical conditions, WBS analysis and monitoring during drilling

PPFG & WBS assessments

Deepwater, PPFG, WBS & completion stability assessment.

Determination of stress-coupling to depletion

Geomechanical analysis and input to fracture stimulation design

Deepwater, PPFG prediction, wellbore stability analysis, RT monitoring.

Deepwater, PPFG prediction, RT monitoring

Geomechanics aspects of a proposed gas storage project. Completion design and rock fatigue assessment.

Determination of stress-coupling to depletion and recharge parameters

Wellbore stability analysis and sand failure assessment

Wellbore stability analysis and relevant-time geomechanical support

Complex structure, wellbore stability analysis


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