Fritha Ellis.

Fritha Ellis is a Director and Senior Geomechanics Specialist. After seven years with other consultancies, she co-founded P(TEN) Limited. Fritha is retained by a major operator as a geomechanics specialist, and she is also the technical lead for geomechanics software development for an update of a leading petrophysics application.

Senior Geomechanics Specialist & Director.

Fritha has over ten years’ experience of geomechanics applied to the exploration, appraisal and development stages of oil and gas fields globally. Whilst she has particular experience in geomechanics solutions for well operations in the North Sea (UK, Dutch and Norwegian sectors; including ERD and HPHT wells), she also hasworldwide experience on complex projects from onshore unconventional gas British Columbia to deepwater exploration wells offshore West Africa.


Beyond the Office.

Travelling, reading, sleeping and walking the dog. In my more energetic moments, I have also been known to sail, dive, ski and to attempt to hike up mountains. I am also prepared to walk many miles in search of a good beer.